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Prof. Vittorio Cortellessa Prof. Alfonso Pierantonio

Francesco Basciani, PhD Davide Cingolani, PhD Mirco Franzago, PhD Romolo Marotta, PhD Eng. Tiziano Lombardi Matteo Ricci Lorenzo Andreoli Stefano Di Francesco Damiano Di Vincenzo Andrea Perelli


Rete Ferroviaria Italiana Fondazione Bruno Kessler

Envisioning Railways Systems through Model-Driven Engineering Approaches

Railways systems rely on elevate safety standards. The ERMES project aims at the definition of a modeling notation for railways interlocking systems based on existing standards and practices, at the generation of operative environments founding on the modeling notation, and at providing the required validation and verification processes.

A complex modeling environment

The sheer complexity of the railways' domain pertains to concerns ranging from foundational to mere technological aspects. In the ERMES project, multiple tooling chains are realized for automatizing complex tasks. In the following Figure, an editor for designing information panels for managing railways stations. The editor is generated from a collection of coordinated metamodels that formalized the different facets of the domain

From the editor a visual panel is then generated to visualize a model @ runtime capturing all the events on the station

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